Zenithink Team released Zenithink C91 Upgrade Version

March 24, 2012 China Tablets PC Reviews China Tablets News

Zenithink tablet is one of the most well known China Tablet brand, fashion out style and steady performance and cheap price make zenithink more and more popular. In earlier 2012, Zenithink factory released another new model, it is based on the hot selling model Zenithink C91, upgrade the built-in memory to 1024MB(1GB), called zenithink C91 [...]


china tabletzenithink c91 upgrade

Mid Via 8650 Tablet Review 7″ Two Point Touch Screen WiFi Camera

December 23, 2011 China Tablets PC Reviews 7" Tablets Review

Are you finding a cheap china tablet? The Via 8650 Mid is one of best choice! It maybe the cheapest China Tablet, the price is around US$80.00, maybe it is cheaper than a MP5 player,but it is really, it is really a tablet pc, come with 7″ two point touch screen(many tablets only has one [...]


buy via 8650 tabletcheap via 8650cheapest tabletmid via 8650via 8650via 8650 reviewvia 8650 tablet

Review Zenithink C91 ZT-280 10.2″ Capacitive Tablet CORTEX A9 8GB Android 2.3 ePad

December 23, 2011 China Tablets PC Reviews Goolge Android Tablets

Before the review of Zenithink C91, Please Look at the Specifications of Zenithink C91 first: General Operating System: Google Android 2.3 Model: C91 Announced: 2011-08-2 Product Type: Tablet PC Keyboard: Touch Screen Display Technology: Capacitive touch screen Screen Size: 10.2 inch Max Resolution: 1024*600 CPU Type: ARMv7A/R CPU Manufacturer: ARM CORTEX CPU Model: ARM CORTEX [...]


10.2" Capacitive TabletAndroid 2.3 ePadCORTEX A9 tabletZenithink C91zenithink tabletzenithink zt-280

Flytouch 5 Tablet Review 10.2″ Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen Infotmic X220 1GHz GPS WIFI

November 25, 2011 China Tablets PC Reviews Windows Tablets Reviews

In China tablet market, Flytouch tablet is an old brand, from flytouch 2 to flytouch 3 then flytouch 4. The flytouch tablet’s function,design and the most important -  quality,have won many faithful users, now flytouch is one of the most well known china tablet brand.Recenlty, flytouch 5 tablet released,i think it will help flytouch family [...]


china tabletchina tablet reviewflytouchflytouch 5flytouch 5 Capacitive tabletflytouch 5 epadflytouch 5 tablet

Review Flytouch 4 Built-in 3G Tablet Phone 10.2″ GPS HDMI 1GHz

October 11, 2011 China Tablets PC Reviews Goolge Android Tablets

Flytouch Tablet is one of the most popular China tablet,now they released the newest tablet pc – Flytouch 4 Tablet Phone. This  FlyTouch4 tablet PC is packing plenty of widely-appreciated features for you to fully enjoy the entertainment and office experience. The highly responsive multi-touch capacitive touch screen combined with super user-friendly Android 2.2 OS [...]


1 3G flytouch tabletflytouchflytouch 4flytouch 4 reviewflytouch 4 tabletflytouch4

Dropad A9N Review Cortex A9 Dual Core 3G Tablet Phone GPS 7″ Capacitive Screen

September 21, 2011 China Tablets PC Reviews China Tablets News

DroPad A9N can be said that the emergence of high-profile, when the PC tablet is constantly stable continuous improvement continuous improvement process. So the birth of a full-featured tablet PC, tablet PC industry seems to be clear to the beginning of a truly mature. As early as a month ago, DroPad, he put forward this [...]


0 A9N TabletCapacitive ScreenDropad A9NDropad A9N ReviewRenesas Cortex A9

Malata Reveals The First Android 3.2 Tablet in China!

September 17, 2011 China Tablets PC Reviews China Tablets News

Malata is a very aggressive company in China, they have strong independent R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Last year, Malata was the first worldwide company launched Tegra 2 tablets and they had sold over million of units. Today, we are glad to hear their announcement of Zpad T9 — “the first Android 3.2 Tablet in China“. [...]


0 Android 3.2 Tabletbluetooth Tabletcapacitive touch screen tabletChina TabletsMalata TabletZpad T10Zpad T9

Review Haipad M9 Cortex A9 Dual-Core 7 inch Google Android 2.2 WIFI HDMI 3G capacitive Tablet

September 7, 2011 China Tablets PC Reviews 7" Tablets ReviewGoolge Android Tablets

The Haipad M9 Cortex A9 Dual-Core android tablet looks rather common and inconspicuous at the first sight. That why I ignored it for a long time without looking at it. Today, I happen to need one tablet for testing Android video chat, and pick it up by the way. After turning it on, the quick [...]


0 7 inch capacitive Tabletcapacitive screen TabletCortex A9 Dual-CoreHaipad M9

China Tablets Review- Haipad M7 Samsung PV210 7″ Cortex A8 Capacitive Multitouch ePad

September 6, 2011 China Tablets PC Reviews 7" Tablets ReviewGoolge Android Tablets

Haipad M7 we call it Dropad – A8 too, from the name can see this isAndroid2.2 tablet and A8 kernel. Dropad – A8 configuration for samsung PV210 chip, Cortex – A8 kernel, 1G frequency. 512M 2GB memory, storage, 3000mAh battery, FLASH. The machine size for 197x125x14 5mm, weight 515 G. Current temporary still cannot built-in [...]


0 Capacitive screen tabletsCortex A8 tabletsHaipad M7Multitouch screen ePadSamsung PV210

China Tablets PC Review Opened

September 6, 2011 China Tablets PC Reviews China Tablets News

Hello Tablets PC fans, our blog of China Tablets review just opened. In this blog ,we will post some new about tablets industry, new and popular apad,epad. We will do some text or video reviews for some hot tablets pc. We will also do some compare of tablets, to help you choose the right tablets [...]


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